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Vaccine Amnesty for Cats and Dogs

When a puppy or kitten is born it receives maternal antibodies from its mother. Maternal antibodies only last for a few weeks, and then there is no antibody protection against life threatening infectious diseases.

Primary vaccination courses should be started just as the maternal antibodies are waning (about 8-9 weeks) and yearly boosters are required thereafter.

Much research has been done about the duration of immunity from vaccines and for some viruses in dogs, it seems to be about 3 years. One of the other vaccine components however (leptospirosis), only gives protection for a year, so your dog should have booster vaccines against this killer disease every single year.

Peace of Mind Pet Care

Current evidence suggests that cats need a booster vaccine once yearly.

Risks of vaccination are very low indeed, and certainly lower than the risks of the diseases themselves.

Every year many cats and dogs of all ages become seriously ill or die from infectious diseases which could have been prevented through vaccination.

All unvaccinated dogs and cats are at risk, treatment is lengthy and expensive and sadly, some of these infections can be fatal.

If you have any questions or queries then do speak to your vet who will be able to offer you advice.

Although we all want the best for our pets, sometimes it is easy to forget to keep their vaccinations up to date.

Without regular boosters your pet’s immunity can lapse, and they are once again at risk from life-threatening disease.

Banstead Village Veterinary Surgery would like to offer you the opportunity to bring your pet’s vaccinations up to date if they have lapsed. When your pet has missed their booster vaccination they will need a new primary course of two vaccinations 2-4 weeks apart.

Don’t worry – this won’t cost as much as you think, because during February and March, you can resume your pet’s protection with a new primary course for the price of a single booster vaccination!

Give the surgery a call on 01737 210011 to get these important immunisations back up to date.