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I trust Peace of Mind Pet Care wholeheartedly and, without hesitation, recommend Cathryn, Sofie and indeed the whole team to anyone who is looking for a friendly face for their pets when away. You will not find a more friendly, more caring, more flexible company and I will be happy to discuss this further with anyone who should wish to do so.

Kate Taylor, Surbiton

In my experience, Peace of Mind Pet Care is a professional and caring company that I trust 100%. I have been using them for a year now and feel totally confident with the service I get. I know that my Border Collie, Bronte, loves her walker!!

Janet in Tadworth

We were delighted with the service from Peace of Mind Pet Care. Kate was wonderful, obviously loved cats and emailed us regularly to let us know how Fudge and Coco were whilst we were on holiday. We felt completely confident to leave them in her care.

Elizabeth in Brockham, Surrey

I was very happy with the service I got from Peace of Mind Pet Care and I came home to find my 2 cats looking very happy and well fed. I will certainly recommend the service!

J Hawkins, Surrey

Pet Care Advice

Peace of Mind Pet Care are very happy to have teamed up with Andy Downing BVetMed MRCVS of Banstead Village Veterinary Surgery to provide us with the latest in veterinary pet care advice.

Andy will be writing a monthly article for us covering pet care advice, seasonal information and much more.

Please see below for our latest article, but don’t worry if you have missed one, all our previous articles are available to view.

For veterinary advice and treatment please call Banstead Village Vets on 01737 210011 or visit their website at

Banstead Village Vets


Microchipping Why Microchip your pet? Every dog owner is legally obliged to ensure that their dog is wearing a collar and identification disc, but thousands have taken positive steps to ensure that their much loved pets can also be identified through microchip...

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Vaccine Amnesty for Cats and Dogs

Vaccine Amnesty for Cats and Dogs When a puppy or kitten is born it receives maternal antibodies from its mother. Maternal antibodies only last for a few weeks, and then there is no antibody protection against life threatening infectious diseases. Primary vaccination...

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Fireworks Firework stress affects almost 50% of dogs and many cats too. Fireworks are no longer a 5th November event and are heard throughout autumn and are often used for many other celebrations such as Birthdays, Weddings and New Year. Firework stress affects almost...

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Geriatric Disease

Geriatric Disease As our pets start to enter their senior years, usually from 7 years old and onwards for dogs and cats, certain age related health problems are more likely to arise. Unfortunately the symptoms of age related diseases often develop slowly and can...

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Pet Smile Month

Pet Smile Month Our pet’s teeth were designed for their natural diet of raw meat, sinew and bone. The process of eating these foods had a natural cleaning action on the teeth. Nowadays however, we feed soft textured food, and even biscuit diets can be swallowed with...

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Puppies and Kittens

Puppies & Kittens Summer is a great time to get a new puppy or kitten. With the fine weather, it is a lot easier to toilet train your puppy and leave doors open for him/her to come and go as he/she pleases. It is important to remember that your new puppy/kitten should...

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Fleas With warmer winters and centrally heated houses, fleas are no longer just a summer problem, rather more a year round issue causing conditions ranging from skin irritation and allergies to infections, hair loss and anaemia. Worse still, a female flea can lay 50...

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Allergies We all know about allergies in people, but allergic skin disease (also called Atopy) is a problem we are seeing increasingly commonly in our pets too. Allergies are immune reactions in which an animal responds abnormally to common, normally harmless...

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Neutering If you are not intending to breed from your pet, there are undoubted advantages to neutering. In male dogs and cats, neutering (or castration) removes the influence of the hormone testosterone, which results in reduced fighting, aggression and roaming...

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Is Chocolate Poisonous to Dogs

Is Chocolate Poisonous to Dogs Can it be true? Is chocolate poisonous to dogs? The answer is yes. The hazard to your dog however, depends on the type of chocolate, the size of dog, and the amount consumed. The component of chocolate that is toxic to dogs is called...

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