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Peace of Mind Pet Care are very happy to have teamed up with Andy Downing BVetMed MRCVS of Banstead Village Veterinary Surgery to provide us with the latest in veterinary pet care advice.

Andy will be writing a monthly article for us covering pet care advice, seasonal information and much more.

Please see below for our latest article, but don’t worry if you have missed one, all our previous articles are available to view.

For veterinary advice and treatment please call Banstead Village Vets on 01737 210011 or visit their website at

Puppies and Kittens

Getting a puppy or kitten is always an exciting time for all the family.

It is important to remember that your new puppy/kitten should not mix with other dogs/cats until at least 1 week after his/her 2nd vaccination.  Responsible pet ownership involves consideration of the following:

Vaccination: absolutely vital for disease prevention. The diseases we vaccinate against can be fatal! An initial course of 2 injections started from 8/9 weeks of age, followed by equally important annual booster vaccinations.

Worming: Initially monthly to kill off Toxocara worms. This nasty parasite causes blindness in children so regular treatment is vital. Nearly all puppies and kittens come with Toxocara which they pick up from their mum.

Flea control: Most of our pets will pick up fleas at some time, so regular STRONGHOLD treatment to kill adult fleas plus larvae and eggs is highly recommended. Stronghold also kills Toxocara, fox mange mites, ear mites and a few other parasites besides.

Insurance: A very sensible idea as accidents and illness can lead to costly vet bills. We recommend PETPLAN insurance policies as we find that they are one of the best. You get what you pay for in life so they are also one of the more expensive, but well worth it in our opinion.

Training classes: Good idea for puppy socialisation and obedience training. Socialisation is a very important topic on its own. Puppies that aren’t socialised adequately often go on to have behavioural problems later on in life.

Neutering: A sensible idea if you’re not planning to breed. Helps prevent aggression, undesirable sexual behaviour, roaming and diseases common to the reproductive organs in both male and females.

Microchipping: The best way of protecting your pet against theft and or reuniting you with him/her in the event of loss.

puppies and kittens